A Europe where more young people are embracing diversity as part of their European identity, acting and participating to enhance and promote diversity and inclusion in Europe starting from their local communities.


We want to create a new narrative about the refugee situation and the local response in Europe, by mainstreaming youth actions for diversity to 500,000 people in Europe by March 2019.


Europe was built on the values of human rights and solidarity, young locals and young refugees are standing for these values, against hate and extremism, acting together to build inclusive and diverse communities, and proving that inclusion works.

  • Inspire young people to embrace diversity.
  • Make the case for inclusion in youth and civil society organizations.
  • Promote local actions to foster inclusive communities.
  • Delegitimizehate, extremism and populism in Europe.

The campaign will run online and offline until end of March 2019. It will be divided into three steps:

  • Building the momentum: This phase will run until the 10th of December, and it will include the active participation of young people (including refugee and migrant background) and youth organizations using the hashtag #YoungTogether to share about their experiences and their youth work in relation to migration diversity and inclusion, and their local actions to support young refugees and migrants. This will include social media posts, blogs, vlogs and other innovative self-expression tools.
  • Creating the buzz: on the 10th of December, the world human rights day, we will lead a twitter campaign with hashtag #YoungTogether with all the young people involved, partner organizations and Erasmus+ national agencies to raise awareness of the youth actions and response throughout Europe, the aim is to get the hashtag as one of the three most viral hashtags in the world.
  • Utilizing the impact: by creating the credibility and the news on the 10th of December, we will be able to grab the attention of the media and mainstream YoungTogether as the response of youth and youth organizations to the migration question in Europe. We will use it to delegitimize hate, extremism and populism. This phase will run from 11th of December till end of March 2019, and it will include letters from young people to politicians, and intensive work with the media.